Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice at Everest College

Through Everest's Criminal Justice program, students learn about analyzing fingerprints, cataloguing evidence and more.

At Everest, we believe that getting the right kind of education through our Criminal Justice Program will give you the base to experience greater employment opportunities.

We know you'll have a thousand questions to ask us, and we're prepared to give you the answers you seek. You see, at Everest, we take your education just as serious as you do.

Everest is dedicated to providing you with the personal attention and academic support you need to be successful. Your training will give you the edge in being able to understand the nature and extent of delinquency and crime, and the explanation and cause of criminal behavior.

The direction of any life can change in the blink of an eye! If you're serious about what the future will bring, and you want to make a difference, take a minute and fill out our application form today.

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